Why It Would Be Hard For Chris Evans To Quit Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America In Civil War

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues trucking down its Phase Three of films, there seems to be a looming cloud of uncertainty forming. With the MCU nine years old, many of the main actors have expressed interest in departing and exploring other creative outlets. In particular, Chris Evans' contract up is up after the next two Avengers films, so its possible that his Steve Rogers may hang up his shield for good. And now the actor has been getting chatty about this very real possibility.

Chris Evans recently spoke to USA Today, where the subject of his possible departure from the MCU was brought up. It appears the idea is bittersweet, and leaving wouldn't be an easy decision to make. He said,

I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be hard for me, but the passing of time and the passing of torches is part of the experience. Nothing lasts forever. There's a beauty in that departure, even if it can be sad at times. It's also joyful.

Well that's certainly a classy way to look at it.

Chris Evans possibly leaving the role of Captain America seems to make room for a new hero to rise and take the mantle. At least according to Evans, that is. And there have already been quite a few popular fan theories as to who will be passed the iconic shield after Steve. The most popular of these is Anthony Mackie's Falcon, who made his debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before becoming an Avenger and even slipping in an awesome scene during Ant-Man. Falcon certainly feels like Cap's protegee in a way, and is another armed service member who could take on the mantle.

But regardless of who will or will become the next Captain America, it's pretty clear that Chris Evans probably won't be playing the role for very much longer. By the time the fourth (untitled) Avengers film is released, it will be 2019 and we will have been playing the role for seven movies across eight years. That's a lot of Marvel action for one person. So we wouldn't fault him for wanting to take a break.

Chris Evans went into further detail about his possible departure and legacy as Cap, saying:

I've had a great run. Superheroes are reinventable entities, like Batman or even James Bond. These movies find new incarnations and new ways to tell the story. I am all for it. However they want to proceed after Avengers 4, it's really up to them. I walk away with no regrets and endlessly thankful.

Alas, we'll have quite a few more years of Chris Evans' Captain America before these alternatives become reality. Cap's threequel Captain America: Civil War was a critical darling, and assembled the majority of the MCU's' biggest heroes for some epic crossover action.

Things will only get bigger from there, as the Russo Brothers will bring in the Guardians of the Galaxy and more when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018. To plan the rest of your 2017 theater trips, be sure to check out our full list of this year's releases.

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