Man Stabbed In Movie Theater After Seat-Kicking Incident

People occasionally get concerned about the level of violence that takes place in movies. However, the level of violence that takes place in movie theaters is a trend that really needs to just end. While some incidents of movie theater violence have been absolutely tragic in their scope, this one is comparatively minor, but no less worrisome when one considers how easily it could happen again. An incident of seat kicking in a Southern California movie theater led to one person being stabbed in the arm.

The incident took place at the AMC La Mirada 7 in La Mirada, CA when an unnamed 29-year-old man and 24-year-old woman were allegedly kicking the seats of another couple in front of them in the theater. According to Deadline, there was a brief argument, which was apparently ended when the female seat kicker produced a knife and stabbed the male seat kicking victim in the arm. The two suspects then left the scene but were picked up by police in possession of the knife a short time later. Interestingly, the woman who was the actual stabber has been released from custody, while the male suspect is still being held.

Luckily the stabbing victim was in no serious danger, he was treated at the movie theater, which means his injury didn't even require a trip to the emergency room, but one would think that the worst part of the experience is simply the act of being stabbed while you're just trying to watch a movie.

We're seeing an apparent escalation of seat kicking violence in movie theaters these days. Several months ago a man had a gun pulled on him in a movie theater by a man who was upset that a child was kicking his seat in a theater. While the potential violence, in that case, was much greater, the actual violence never escalated beyond a fist fight. Now we have actual knives being used.

Of course, if we can't get rid of movie theater violence entirely, this is, I suppose, preferable to full-on shootings that have taken place more than once inside movie theaters. People just want to sit in a theater and be told a story and escape from the world for a couple of hours, it doesn't seem like too much to ask. Can we all just quit it with the violence, please?

Hopefully, this is the worst thing to happen inside a movie theater for the next several years, a stabbing that can be treated on the scene. We can only hope that the victims got passes so they could come back and watch their movie again. It's not reported what they saw. Maybe it was just a bad movie that put everybody in a bad mood.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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