There’s no accounting for taste. It’s an old phrase that really just means that often what’s considered good in the world of art can be a topic of serious disagreement. When it comes to film, nobody ever agrees all the time. While most critics, or movie fans, might feel one way or another about a film, there will always be a few who have an opposing view.

However, sometimes the general consensus among critics finds itself directly at odds with moviegoers. Movie fans vote with their dollars which means that movies which critics believe are bad can still be hugely successful. Here are the 10 biggest examples. For the purposes of this ranking, only films deemed Rotten (59% or lower aggregate rating) on were considered "bad." Box office numbers are based on unadjusted domestic box office sales according to If you happen to love one of the following films, it's totally cool.

Image title
10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Domestic Box Office: $309,420, 425
Tomatometer: 45%

Of all the things for Disney to base a movie on, nobody was quite sure what to expect when they chose one of their theme park rides. However, the first film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl was generally considered to be pretty good. By the time the first trilogy had ended, however, it had obviously run out of gas. While the movie did over $300 million in business, none of that money came from critics. The fourth film in the series didn't make this list for a reason.

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