When you're a series like The Fast and The Furious films, your heroes are only as strong as their rogue's gallery. And there have been some seriously bad characters in the racing-turned-heist-turned-espionage fueled franchise. But after 16 years and eight films, we have to ask, who's the baddest of the bad in the Fast & Furious canon? Well, looking at the deeds and criminal enterprises of the folks that have tangled with Dominic Toretto and his family, it's not hard to put them all in line.

We've taken all of the villains in the Fast franchise, and compared their legacies to make for this overall guide to the furious adversaries in the series' criminal underworld. That's right, we've even taken into account Charlize Theron and her icy countenance that graces this weekend's The Fate of The Furious. So mild spoiler warning, her entry will spoil some stuff that happens in that film. With that advisory out of the way, let's see who's the most furious of the furious.

8. Takashi - The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Many feel that The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is the weakest film in the series, which is something that could be open to interpretation. What isn't as open for debate though is the fact that its central antagonist, Takashi the "Drift King," is the weakest villain of the lot. His greatest motivations are his girlfriend and his ride, and he doesn't go to horrible extremes to keep either. For someone connected to the Yakuza, you'd think Takashi would be a little more of a threat in such a universe as the Fast & Furious movies.

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