Brotherhood. Bravery. Car crashes. Courage. Fist fights. Family. The Fast and Furious franchise has been fueled by a number of fascinating components over the years, helping the engine-revving series to sustain incredible levels of energy for the past 16 years. Familiar faces have come and gone in the silver-screen's most action-packed soap opera, but the core group -- the "Family" -- has always found a way to stay together, to ride as one from each adventure to the next.

Tragically, that ride changed direction with the release of James Wan's Furious 7. As we all know, founding Fast & Furious father Paul Walker lost his life during the filming of the seventh Fast film. And while Wan was able to figure out a way to finish the movie, the Fast universe had to find new ways to movie forward. And that's where we are at now.

The Fate of the Furious continues the story after Furious 7, following Hobbs (The Rock), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and their team as they contend with a rogue Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). I am updating our list of official Fast & Furious rankings, and I'm including Fate, so we will update its box office standings as time rolls on. The Fate of the Furious is said to start a new trilogy of films, so we expect this ranking list to grow and evolve over time. For now, this is where we think every Fast & Furious movie falls in line.

8. Fast & Furious

Released: April 3, 2009

RT Score: 28% Fresh

Global Box Office: $363 million

The fourth film in the Fast & Furious franchise could have sent the entire series down the drain. While earlier chapters like 2 Fast 2 Furious succumbed to camp, they at least could be chalked up as colorfully entertaining distractions. Justin Lin's Fast & Furious thought it had the distinct advantage of luring Vin Diesel back into the fold, but it forgot to give Dom (Vin Diesel) and O'Conner (Paul Walker) anything fun to play with. The opening sequence involving high-speed fuel tankers is memorably exhilarating, but the rest of the plot -- involving a somber drug runner (Robert Miano) and a race across the Mexican border -- is muddled and dull by Furious standards. No matter how many Fast movies they end up making, this likely will always be the series' lowest point. (We hope, anyway.)

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