The Fast & Furious franchise has become increasingly more insane as time goes on. Each successive film has tried to outdo its predecessor, but in doing so, they've simply built one ridiculous moment on top of another. It's no wonder that people are fully expecting Fast & Furious in Space! It's just about the only thing they could do to top the most recent stunts the series has pulled.

To list every ridiculous thing the Fast & Furious franchise has done over the years would mean we'd be here for a week. We simply don't have that sort of time, so we'll be focusing on the highlights of each film in the franchise. These moments aren't always the big stunt moments, and in a couple cases, they're not stunts at all. Not every ridiculous moment requires a high-speed car.

Stealing Gas From a Moving Truck

In Fast & Furious, the film opens with our outlaw heroes stealing gas from a moving tanker truck. This would probably just fall into just the "normal" ridiculous category, except that, in order to steal the tanks, they have to lock into the trailer hitch by dropping a hook perfectly into place from a moving car. Bullshit. Not only do they do this once, but they do it twice, perfectly. Even if we were to buy that precision, the idea that the truck driver wouldn't notice the weight that he's no longer hauling is insane.

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