The 9 Funniest Moments From The Fate Of The Furious

Typically we all know what we're in for when we go to see a Fast and Furious movie: over-the-top action, fast cars, girls' butts and a sprinkling of playful banter. This weekend's release of The Fate of the Furious had all of those things for sure, but one of those was amped up big time for the eighth installment of the series. Despite being one of the darker Fast films (Evil Dom will do that), this movie had humor in spades. Not only were the banter and quips turned up to eleven, but there's at least one whole action scene entirely rooted in humor.

The Fate of the Furious is definitely not the best of series, but it might just be the funniest -- which is saying a lot because these movies have always been sneakily hilarious amid the explosions. To highlight this, we've compiled a list of some the most hilarious moments of the film. From Roman to The Rock at the top of his game, here are the funniest jokes of The Fate of the Furious.

Beware, though, there are SPOILERS for The Fate of the Furious throughout. So, feel free to read our other awesome articles until you've watched the new film.

Hobbs fast and furious dwayne johnson

Hobbs' Girls Soccer Team Doing The Haka

We all know Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) as the superhuman ass kicker of the series, but he's also a family man. Hobbs raises his daughter, and like any good dad, he finds ways to be a part of her life; in this case, he coaches her soccer team. This is still Fast and Furious, though, where everything is extreme. Hobbs has turned these little girls into warriors who stare at death and laugh in its face. He's even taught them the Haka, a warrior dance that he and his "Red Dragons" perform in front of their challengers. The intense stares these little girls give is priceless.

The rock and jason statham face off Fate of the Furious

Hobbs and Deckard Shaw: Friends For Life

The Rock may not be in many scenes with Vin Diesel, but that screen time is more than made up for by Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw. Previously the villain of Furious 7, Shaw is back to help take down mutual enemy Cipher (Charlize Theron), but Hobbs still has some major beef to squash. The exchanges between these two are a highlight of the film, the two of them trading words and one-liners as good as any punch. Just about any moment these two are together is a winner, with one particular one-liner from Hobbs that involved teeth in asses and toothbrushes was a highlight. A spin-off buddy film starring these two should not be ignored!

Fate of the Furious Tyrese Gibson Kurt Russell

Roman Didn't Make The Cut

Roman (Tyrese Gibson) is the heavy lifter when it comes to this franchise's comic relief, and while he has a lot of help this time, he still has plenty of moments. A classic Roman bit is that he isn't quite as fearless or, well...good as the company he keeps. Early on in the movie after a botched mission, the crew is put on the 10 Most Wanted List -- except for Roman; he didn't quite make the cut. His reaction and subsequent rant to only being No.11 and the person who beat him on the list is some Grade-A Roman.

Fate of the Furious Hobbs in prison

The Rock Pinning Little Nobody To The Wall

Dwayne Johnson was on the top of his game during this movie, and this produced another great Hobbs moment. It's no secret that Hobbs is sent to (a sleeves optional) prison, but he's greeted at the door by Kurt Russell's government mystery man Mr. Nobody and his new shadow, Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood). Nobody offers Hobbs a deal to get out prison, but Hobbs won't do it; he'll do this one by the book. Little Nobody, being new on the job, asked him why he won't at least do this for his daughter. Big mistake! Hobbs snaps out of his handcuffs, picks Little Nobody off the ground and pins him to the wall, one hand choking his throat. An amused Nobody talks Hobbs down, all the while teaching his protege a notable lesson: know your audience.

Fate of the Furious orange lambo

Roman And The Orange Lambo

It isn't just Channing Tatum who loves a good Lamborghini; Roman loves him too and he makes it his car of choice when it's time for the big third act showdown. Problem is, Lambos aren't so great on ice, which means Roman has some trouble when the team is chased by a horde of bad guys across a frozen Russia landscape. Adding insult to injury, his bright orange Lambo makes for an easy target for missiles. Needless to say, his Lambo doesn't last long, but like all stars, it burned bright before the fall.

Helen Mirren with an uzi

Jason Statham And Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren may not be in The Fate of the Furious for long, but she does share one memorable and funny scene with Jason Statham. I won't spoil here what her role is, but she's great when paired with Shaw, and the two have a great (but brief) back and forth. Let's just say it involves some fake crying and a well-placed slap.

Fate of the Furious Scott Eastwood

Everyone Insulting Little Nobody

Scott Eastwood has one job in this movie, and that's to be everyone's punching bag. This uptight rookie government agent is still learning the ropes on how to handle a team of rule-breaking street racers-turned-outlaws who are also superheroes who save the world. This leaves him an easy target, earning the nickname Little Nobody, but Eastwood is totally game and handles it in stride (he even gets his cool action moment). His character has some especially good interactions with Roman, who is never one to be slow with the comebacks.

Fate of the furious Kurt Russell Nobody

Basically Anything Kurt Russell Says

Out of all the actors in this movie, Kurt Russell is definitely the one having the most fun. Reprising his high ranking government agent from Furious 7, Russell is just here to deliver exposition, tell some jokes and have a good time. Mr. Nobody delivers every line with a smile, completely at ease trading jokes with his macho cohorts and never worrying about anything. Russell is great in the role, and anytime he shows up onscreen is enough to put a smile on your face.

Fate of the Furios Deckard Shaw in prison

Deckard Shaw And A Baby VS The World

You wouldn't think that the best joke in a Fast and Furious movie would belong to Jason Statham and a baby, but it's a crazy, magical world we live in. The specific situation involving the baby is something I couldn't possibly spoil here, but just know that Statham needs to take out a bunch of guys while looking after a baby. His back-and-forth with the baby (yes, they have an actual back and forth) is hilarious, as even the usually hard-edged Shaw can't help but make goo-goo noises. This over-the-top scene has the most nonstop laughs of the movie. It's action-packed, hilarious and -- above all else -- cheesy, but what else could you hope for from a franchise like this?

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