With a surprise "supercut" of action and madness, Kingsman: The Golden Circle has burst on the movie scene with a tantalizing look at what's to come for writer/director Matthew Vaughn's follow-up to the fantastic Kingsman: The Secret Service. But just how do you top a film that's already pretty weird and fast paced? You double down on both accounts, and that's what the supercut for the new film just did, as it provided a blitz of visual information that we picked 10 crazy bits out of. Join us now, as we parse out what these images might mean for the Kingsman sequel.

The Golden Circle

The titular organization sounds like the perfect baddies for a Bond homage, and with Kingsman: The Golden Circle's villains, it looks like they take their name literally. A melted gold band is practically branded into the neck of an unknown figure, more than likely signaling their allegiance to The Golden Circle, as well as hurting pretty bad. Judging by the jungle setting of some later clips, this could mean that the villains are obsessed with the Incas...or that they just like the tropics.

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