One of the things that has made Disney animation great is the multitude of fantastic villains the studio has created over the years. Of course, the reason it's wonderful to have a great villain is that it's incredibly satisfying to see them defeated. Disney villains always lose, but sometimes they aren't simply beaten. Sometimes they're straight up killed.

Sometimes they're bested in a fight, sometimes their own hubris leads to their defeat, but regardless of how it happens, it can still be incredibly satisfying to see them killed. Here are 10 times that it felt good to see an animated bad guy die in a Disney flick.

10. Ursula

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is one of the great Disney villains. She's deliciously evil to the point of being fun. In fact, she's so much fun that we almost hate to see her die, but the way she dies is so great that it needed to be included here. After taking King Triton's power, Ursula makes herself a massive creature to show off that she's the new ruler of the sea. Unfortunately, this just makes her a bigger target for Eric, who expertly pilots a ship through stormy seas to impale her with the bow.

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