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See A Cute Little Girl Dressed As Jyn Erso Handing Out Death Star Plans

Cosplay was a big part of the recent Star Wars Celebration Orlando, as it is most conventions, but one little girl took her cosplay to the next level by incorporating every Princess Leia she could find along the way. One little girl attended Celebration dressed as Jyn Erso from the recent Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and, as part of her costume, had produced several copies of the "Death Star plans" which she presented to several different Leias that she met on the convention floor.


It doesn't matter what sort of Leia she came across. There certainly would have been plenty to get pictures with even if the young girl had limited herself to the white clad Leia of the original Star Wars: A New Hope, however, the girl also gave plans to every Slave Leia, Forest-camo Leia and General Leia that she met along the way. The "plans" appear to be etched on glass or plastic so they'll likely also make a nice souvenir for all the women that were handed one by the little Jyn Erso. You can check out the full photo gallery here.

The young girl playing Jyn wasn't even the youngest person to get in on the action as a very young Princess Leia was also handed a set of the plans.


In addition to all the Princess Leia's that received plans. The photo gallery includes an image of Star Wars story team member Pablo Hidalgo also being presented with a set of plans, as well as one picture of little Jyn Erso putting the plans inside the memory of R2-D2, which we have to say, skips some fairly important plot points. Though, to be fair, Jyn giving plans directly to Leia sort of does the same thing.

They also left one set of plans next to a display case showing off one of Carrie Fisher's original Star Wars costumes, so that the actual Princess Leia would have a set of pans as well.


This is why conventions are great. It's not just each individual fan's love for the material, but the way it brings people together. Every Leia that poses with little Jyn looks thrilled to pose with her. We can only imagine that moment that each one was presented with their own set of Death Star plans was a really fun one for all involved.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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