Watch Johnny Depp Dressed Up As Captain Jack Sparrow At Disneyland

Pirates of the Caribbean officially qualifies as the most successful film franchise ever to be based on a theme park ride. Since the films became popular, they have, in turn, inspired new additions to the ride so if you go to Disneyland now, you will see Captain Jack Sparrow and hear the iconic theme as you cruise through the popular attraction. However, recently some theme park guests got the added benefit of seeing the actual Captain Jack Sparrow, as Johnny Depp invaded the ride in full costume. Check it out.

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Disneyland's audio-animatronic creations have gotten remarkably advanced over the years, but they still don't look quite as life like as an actual person. Fans who have been on the ride a lot would have instantly realized that the place where Johnny Depp appeared is not one of the places that Jack Sparrow is usually seen. The character has been added to a few different spots on the ride, but he's usually being much more sneaky and is trying to hide from the other pirates who are on the hunt for him. This one is just standing out and waving at people.

We can only imagine how insane the lines got for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride after word started going around that Johnny Depp was actually there. While the lines for the ride can get crazy when the park is busy, a lot of the time the ride can be easy enough to jump on without much wait. However, word likely did travel because Depp didn't only show up inside the ride itself, he also popped out and said hi to all the people standing in line.

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This isn't the first time that Johnny Depp has surprised the folks at the Disneyland park. Last summer Depp appeared on an automated billboard outside the park to promote Alice Through the Looking Glass. Dressed as the Mad Hatter Depp appeared to be only a movie poster until he started to move and interact with guests.

This time Johnny Depp returned to Disneyland in the flesh in order to promote the newest entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Based on early responses to it, this film might be a return to the form that made the original movie so popular, leading to the franchise in the first place. We'll find out when the film opens for the rest of us on May 26.

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