The Bizarre Purchases John Boyega Made With His Star Wars Money

Being a part of the Star Wars universe has a lot of great benefits to those lucky actors who manage to nab a role. Not only do you get worldwide fame and a big career boost, but you also get some nice walking around money. John Boyega hit the big time when he got the part of Finn in the new Star Wars trilogy, and now he's got a surplus of cash flowing his way. Which begs the questions: what do you spend your money on when you suddenly become wealthy? If you're Boyega, then the answer is outside-of-the-box knick knacks and decorations.

John Boyega was recently one of the guests on the always entertaining The Graham Norton Show, appearing alongside Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, and Orlando Bloom. Host Graham Norton pointed out that Boyega has been making some interesting purchases with his Star Wars money, and began showing pictures of some of the things he's acquired. Boyega must have splurged at one particular shop, because all the items share a certain novelty. First off were two lion statues nestled right at the foot of Boyega's bed. Boyega believes his spirit animal is a lion, so why not have some statues guarding his bed?

John Boyega doesn't have much of a defense for this next one though. In what is a straight up impulse buy, Boyega bought a saxophone that had been converted into a lamp. It's got one ugly light bulb situated in its sax-hole, but sometimes when you see a certain something, you just have to buy it. For the record, Boyega could be buying MUCH worse things with his money. No one likes a celebrity who flaunts their wealth, like buying all their friends a jet ski or tickets to Tom Hanks' secret cage fights (that's a guess on my part). Goldie Hawn also has a clarinet lamp of her own, so Boyega isn't alone.

The Star Wars actor certainly has a predilection for ancient history. One hallway in his home contains a Roman helmet on a pedestal (which were bought separately). Finally, the piece of resistance comes from the bathroom, where a little medieval knight holds the toilet paper for you. As Amy Schumer put it, any girl who sees that is probably thinking, "red flag."

Thankfully, John Boyega has plenty of more money coming in so that he can buy more trinkets. The actor will be appearing in The Circle alongside Tom Hanks (how else would Boyega know about the cage fights?) and Emma Watson, which out this weekend. He's also got Pacific Rim: Uprising coming down the pipeline, as well as the highly anticipated _Star Wars: The Last Jedi _later this year on December 15, 2017.

Matt Wood

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