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Wesley Snipes Gets Crazy, Hunts Aliens In Exclusive The Recall Trailer Debut

We live in a special age of cinematic innovation. Because of the ubiquity of entertainment, the big screen experience has been forced to adapt and change in order to provide something distinctive and distinctive for audiences. Barco Escape is one such innovation, utilizing extra screens to create a unique sense of depth, and now we actually have the exclusive trailer for the first feature ever specifically made for the medium: The Recall, starring Wesley Snipes. Check it out below!

Directed by Mauro Borrelli, The Recall begins centered on five friends who make their way to a remote lake house in the hopes of finding some rest and relaxation on vacation. Unfortunately for them, there really is no rest and relaxation to be found, particularly after they run into a stranger who is ultimately identified as The Hunter (Wesley Snipes). While this man seems to be completely out of his mind, it turns out that he is far more on the ball than any of them actually realize, as the world is actually under attack by invading and abducting alien forces.

As mentioned earlier, a big part of what makes The Recall a new cinematic experience is that it is the first full-length movie to completely utilize Barco Escape technology -- which in recent years has been utilized by major blockbusters like The Maze Runner and last year's Star Trek Beyond. The format works by having two extra screens that are positioned on either side of the normal movie screen at very specific angles. These sideboards are used to display specially-made/edited footage that can not only create a different kind of panoramic experience, but can also generate a new kind of depth that uses the space that exists in between all three of the screens. Looking at the image below and the way that it bends will deliver you a certain sense of the visual experience watching a film in Barco Escape:

And it's pretty great when it comes to highlighting the grosser/creepier sci-fi environments as well:

While Barco Escape isn't available in theaters everywhere just yet, an expansion is underway, with the experience already available in a handful of countries around the world, and multiple theaters around the United States already equipped (you can find the location nearest you using the official website). The Recall will be out exclusively in Barco Escape theaters starting on June 2nd -- featuring 30+ minutes of content for the Escape experience -- and will then will be expanding into 2D release and VOD a few weeks later on June 16th.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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