What Josh Gad Could Look Like As The DCEU's Penguin

The still budding DC Extended Universe is an interesting place. Rather than slowly introducing franchises and characters, the DCEU has opted for creating ensemble projects that bring in a myriad of characters at once. Early reports for the untitled Batman solo film indicated that it would be set within Arkham Asylum, bringing in many of the rogues from his catalogue. And a recent rumor indicates that Beauty and the Beast actor and Tony nominee Josh Gad might be flirting with the role of The Penguin the DCEU. And now we can see what he might look like in the role.

Artist Boss Logic is widely known for editing celebs into their superhero counterparts. So when the Josh Gad Penguin rumors started to fly, he quickly drafted up what the actor might look like as Oswald Cobblepot. Check it out.

Does anyone else have chills? Boss Logic's rendering of Josh Gad as the Penguin is extremely exciting for the hardcore Batman fandom, and he truly looks the part.

The Penguin is one of the most iconic and beloved villains in the Batman mythos. An evil gangster who survived a horrific childhood, Penguin is a Batman villain that has a tragic backstory, making him somehow relatable despite his crimes. The character has been especially popular in the past few years, mostly due to Robin Lord Taylor's fantastic performance in FOX's Gotham. But while Taylor has played a new, young, LGBT version of the character, fans are eager to see an adult Penguin return to the silver screen.

And Josh Gad certainly seems like a fantastic choice for the DCEU's Penguin. Because the character, while sometime terrifying, has moments of humor and quirkiness that make him so beloved. So Gad will be able to bring the comic timing and sensibility from his work in Frozen and Broadway's The Book of Mormon so the character. But his casting could also be a star-making moment for the actor. If he's able to tap into the vulnerability and darkness of Oswald Cobblepot, the actor may make a transition to the world of Hollywood dramas.

It's been quite a while since The Penguin made its way to the silver screen. The last time was by none other than Danny Devito in his iconic performance in Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Burton allowed the humor of the character to shine through, while also making him vile and violent. Check out his iconic nose biting scene from the film.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to need this type of brutality if and when Josh Gad takes the role of Penguin in Matt Reeve's untitled Batman movie. And then I'm going to also see Ben Affleck's Batman take the guy down in an awesome (but non lethal) fashion.

We'll keep you updated on the Josh Gad/Penguin rumor, so be sure to check back with us here at CinemaBlend for all the latest. The next trip into the DCEU will be Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, and you might still be able to catch Josh Gad in Beauty and the Beast in select theaters.

Corey Chichizola
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