Fans have waited for years to find out whether or not a new Hellboy movie was actually going to materialize, and they finally got their wish. That said, there's a significant change being made to the iconic silver screen superhero. Beloved Hellboy actor Ron Perlman will not return to the part, and he will instead be portrayed by Stranger Things' David Harbour in an R-rated reboot directed by The Descent's Neil Marshall.

Although he's an actor who has been around for years, and even though his stardom has been on the rise since the debut of Stranger Things last summer, David Harbour hasn't necessarily become a household name just yet. In order to help you become more familiar with your new Hellboy, we have put together a list of things you should know about him before he dons the filed-down demon horns and red body paint. There's plenty of good stuff to get to, so let's start from the beginning and talk about David Harbour's origins as a theatre actor.

He Got His Start On Broadway

Although he has thrived on TV and film lately, David Harbour did not start his acting career in front of a camera. He has roots in the theatre world when he began acting professionally on Broadway in 1997 in a revival of The Rainmaker, and he even earned a Tony nomination in 2005 for Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? It's hard to argue against the sheer value of on-stage experience when an actor is about to take on an incredibly outlandish character, and it seems likely that this time on Broadway will aid him in his performance as Hellboy. If he can bring a strong sense of theatricality, he will certainly be able to set himself apart from Ron Perlman's depiction of the anti-hero.

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