With four films under its belt, and a fifth on the way, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has a great deal of history and lore that they have built, most of it around the iconic character of Captain Jack Sparrow. We know from the trailers that we're going to see a much younger version of Captain Jack, giving us something of an idea what he was up to many years before the events of the films. However, the fact is the movies have already told us a lot about him, but it's also left many questions unanswered.

We're actually wondering if Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' flashback sequence (or sequences if there's more than one) might answer some long-standing questions about the character and the events that made him the slightly off-kilter man we know and love. Here are questions that we'd love to see addressed.

How Did Captain Jack Get Branded?

When Captain Jack Sparrow is introduced at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, he's recognized as a pirate because he has the letter P branded into his arm. In the sequel, Dead Man's Chest, we learn who did the branding, Lord Cutler Beckett, but that's all we learn. The events as to how Sparrow was apprehended are still a mystery, and this is important because Jack Sparrow never gets caught for long. It may be the only time Sparrow was ever truly bested by an adversary, making it an important moment in the character's life.

What Did Jack Give Up To Get The Compass?

Again, this is a question with half an answer. The compass that shows its owner the location of that which they most desire was bartered away from Tia Dalma by Jack Sparrow at some point prior to the events of the first film. It's no wonder he would want it. Even if he had other uses for it beyond finding the Isle de la Muerte, who wouldn't want an object like that? But such a thing would have certainly had a high price. If it was bartered away, what did Jack have that was worth enough, that was of interest to an actual sea god, that he was also willing to give up?

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