Why Questlove Saw Get Out In Theaters More Than 10 Times

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Get Out is an amazingly layered film that is elegantly structured to be tremendously rewarding when rewatched. As entertaining as it is the first time around, it's even more amazing to catch it again and see how perfectly the finale is foreshadowed. Because of this, many wound up seeing the movie in theaters multiple times... but there are probably few who saw the movie more than famed The Roots drummer Questlove. Get Out star Allison Williams recently told me that the musician saw the horror flick in theaters more than 10 times -- fearing the potentially long wait until another feature delivered such a satisfying experience. Said the actress,

You'd think it would fall apart after that much scrutiny! I haven't seen it as many times as -- I'm going to name-drop here -- but I have the pleasure of being friends with Questlove, who I think by now has seen in 12 times. He said, 'I just don't know the next time a movie like this is going to be available to go see in theaters. So I want to take advantage while I can.' And now he [can watch it as many times as he wants]. But beyond 12 I don't want to know how many times he's seen it.

When I sat down to interview Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuya at the home video press day for Get Out a few weeks ago, my first question was about the movie's rewatch factor -- and it was in her response that Williams told me about Questlove's intense affection for the movie (something that certainly seemed to surprise the hell out of her co-star). One can imagine that Questlove's friendship with the actress may have also been a motivating factor in wanting to see Jordan Peele's directorial debut over and over, but 12 is still a lot of screenings of the same movie.

Of course, Questlove's repeated viewings of Get Out are also indicative of some really great taste, as the film is destined to wind up on many Best of 2017 lists come December. The film not only introduces a fantastic new horror voice in Jordan Peele and has something legitimate to say, but it is also an elegantly crafted movie that is perfectly put together (I highly recommend giving the director's commentary track a listen on the Blu-ray). It's a tremendously rewarding cinematic experience, and it seems that few in this world took more pleasure in it than the bandleader for The Tonight Show.

Allison Williams' fantastic anecdote about Questlove was just one of the many funny revelations in my conversation with her and Daniel Kaluuya about the Get Out rewatch experience -- so click play on the embed below to watch the chat!

Get Out is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download so you can watch it as many times as your heart desires (and that includes you, Questlove, if you're reading this).

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