Pixar's newest animated feature, Cars 3, is very nearly here, but it may not be quite as fascinating as the short film that will accompany it. Pixar's next short is entitled Lou and there's a very good chance that it will be the thing you remember after you see Cars 3 later this month. Not only was I able to see Lou in its entirety early, but I got a deep dive into the process of making the short, and learned a great deal of interesting information about its production.

Lou is a creature made up of all the items that end up in a lost & found box at an elementary school, who does battle with a school bully who likes to steal things from other kids. It's got all of Pixar's heart but it's also got some of the most amazing animation we've ever seen from Pixar. Here are some of the interesting details about the production of Lou.

It Was Delayed Because of The Good Dinosaur

While Pixar's shorts are one of the things the studio is best known for, features are the priority. Since Pixar doesn't have an unlimited number of people, shorts will occasionally shut down entirely for a period of time so that the animators working on it can focus on something else. In the case of Lou, production was halted entirely for about six months so that attention could be given to The Good Dinosaur. Only once that movie was over did the team have a chance to get back to Lou. We very likely would have seen Lou much sooner otherwise.

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