How Old Wonder Woman Actually Is, According To Patty Jenkins

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

As evidenced by the photograph Bruce Wayne found in Lex Luthor's metahuman computer files in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Diana of Themyscira don't age like the rest of us mere mortals. She looks exactly the same right now as she did fighting in World War I during Wonder Woman. Immortality (or at least extremely slowed aging) comes with the territory when you hail from a mythical island connected to the Greek gods, but exactly how old is the Amazon princess? According to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, the official number is around 800 years old by the time she travels to "man's world" for the first time. Jenkins said:

Well, I think she's thousands of years old. Really, I think she's a child but she's probably 800 [years old].

Last year when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was only a few months away from release, Gal Gadot stated that Wonder Woman was approximately 5,000 years old. While Patty Jenkins imagines a similar number in her head, she informed Collider that Diana's official age isn't quite as large, instead placing her time on Earth at a little under 1,000 years. Since Wonder Woman was 800 when aided the Allied Forces in World War I, that would make her around 900 years old when she jumps in to fight Doomsday in Batman v Superman. But don't think that this figure was chosen easily. Jenkins added that she's talked a lot about Diana's age while working on the Wonder Woman movie. According to the director:

Oh my God, have I had that conversation. Ad nauseam. Because the truth was I kept talking about listen, this is her coming of age story. How is she coming of age and how long does that take to learn these lessons. Well, it would take a long time but also we don't know how long it took to get to that moment that she finally does the energy blast and then Steve arrives. That might have taken that whole time or the middle stage might've taken longer and she's been fighting for a decent amount of time. It's like you stretch out that time period to her living for a long time and that's her aging.

The "energy blast" moment Patty Jenkins is referring to is that scene shown in the Wonder Woman previews where Diana is training with Antiope, and while blocking one of her aunt's sword strikes, she inadvertently triggers a shockwave from her enchanted bracelets. So while it's unclear how much time passes between that accomplishment and when Steve Trevor crash-lands on Themyscira, by the time Diana ventures off her island for the first time, she's become a skilled warrior. Throw in her time living among mankind in World War I and the 100 years afterwards, and we find ourselves with the wiser Diana who is returning later this year in Justice League.

Wonder Woman is now playing in theaters, and be sure to read our review of the latest DCEU blockbuster.

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