Why The Wonder Woman Theme Song Wasn't In The Movie, According To Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman in the trenches

Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is a game changer for the DC Extended Universe. The fourth film in the shared universe is the first movie to garner positive critical reception, hopefully bringing in a new age of better quality DCEU installments. Wonder Woman has been praised for its grounded origin story, heartfelt emotional stakes, and visual affects. But fans of Lynda Carter's TV version may be a bit disappointed, as Wonder Woman unfortunately doesn't contain the iconic theme song, even in the score. And now the acclaimed director has revealed why it wasn't included: legal issues.

Patty Jenkins recently spoke to Yahoo about Wonder Woman, following its early positive critical reception. Regarding the TV theme song, Jenkins revealed she wasn't sure they could get the rights to the jingle legally. She said,

It would be so impossible to use the theme song. I don't know how I would pull that off, even legally.'

Well, I guess this is as valid an excuse as any. Despite Patty Jenkins' best intentions, the legal system can often put a kibosh on certain collaborations or ideas. The Wonder Woman theme song comes with its own writers and legal team, and having two properties named off of the same character would presumably complicate things further.

But while the hardcore Wonder Woman fans (including Patty Jenkins) would have loved for the Lynda Carter them song to make an appearance in Wonder Woman, it might be for the best that it was excluded. Just a few months ago, we saw Dean Israelite's Power Rangers include the cheesy theme song from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. That moment of fan service wasn't met positively, and the theme song was out of place.

However, the Wonder Woman theme song has far more iconography to it, and the song of of considerable better quality than "Go Go, Power Rangers", which just repeats that line over and over again until they pass out.

For reference, you can check out the Wonder Woman theme song below. Just try not to single along, I dare you.

Catchy, right?

While it would have been great to hear the Wonder Woman theme song in Patty Jenkins' movie, Gal Gadot's version of the character already has her own original composition in the DCEU. When she showed up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we heard an absolutely badass song by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. It was a highlight of the divisive movie, so her theme is probably here to stay.

You can currently catch Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman in theaters now. Be sure to plan your next trip to the movies with our 2017 premiere list.

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