What That Wonder Woman Costume Is Actually Like, According To Gal Gadot

wonder woman costume was cold

There's usually a lot of talk about superhero costumes before a new superhero movie comes out. We like to talk about how costumes look compared to their comic counterparts, not to mention the gadgets, the colors, how the costumes fit and more. Recently, Gal Gadot spoke out about her Wonder Woman costume, noting that it was way more comfortable than the superhero costumes we usually read about. There was a downside, though. She said:

It's pretty comfortable. We had to make it comfortable because I wore it over six months. It was cold when we were shooting outside in London during the winter. It's a pretty comfortable costume.

We've heard about the cold weather that Wonder Woman shot in. During those scenes, you'll often see Steve Trevor bundled up in a warm coat, not that it necessarily helped so much, as other people on the set, including director Patty Jenkins, have mentioned it was freezing. However, although Diana Prince does wear a cloak sometimes and cold weather clothing at other points, Gal Gadot was still pretty darn cold in her costume. Especially considering she had to do a lot of fighting sequences in the cold, just with her gear on. At least she had knee high boots to coordinate. Still, she says overall that the outfit was pretty comfortable, and enabled her to move, kick, run and jump with incredible ease.

The comment to Yahoo Movies is in sharp contrast to the first time that Gal Gadot put on the costume. She noted in another interview with Jimmy Kimmel that the first time she put on the costume it was so tight she could barely breath, but she wanted to do well, so she just didn't say anything. Presumably, somebody noticed or the leather became breathable as time wore on, because now Gal Gadot is throwing around adjectives like "comfortable" like it's her job.

It's a good thing, as a lot of superhero costumes are not remotely comfortable, although it seems as if newer technology has helped. For example, there's the famous case of the 1990s costume the original Flash wore that was sweaty and icky most of the time. Things have gotten better in recent years, at least a lot of the time, and Captain America: Civil War actor Frank Grillo once admitted that the company scans the actor or actresses' body first to make sure his or her costume fits like a glove. If you have to wear something that tight, it had better fit.

If you haven't seen Gal Gadot move in her superhero costume yet, now is your chance. Wonder Woman is currently playing in theaters across the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. To find out more about the movie before you check it out in theaters, take a look at what we know.

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