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If you've been paying attention to the trends of TV and film, you'll notice one major one that has been dominating the business over the past few years: nostalgia. As kids from the 80s and 90s continue to develop in their adulthood, they long for a return to simpler times, resulting in long awaited sequel and reboots happening every few months. And while some of these projects sound like major duds, there is one nostalgic Disney movie that is exciting fans. Mary Poppins Returns will bring the practically perfect nanny back to the silver screen, and now we've got our first look at the highly anticipated sequel. Check it out.

If this doesn't put a smile on your face, then you must not have watched much Mary Poppins as a kid. This first look at Mary Poppins Returns features the titular nanny (Emily Blunt) alongside new character Jack (Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda). These two leading characters are sandwiching three young members of the Banks family. They are Michael Banks' children, who Mary presumably has been sent to assist throughout the film.

This image is very reminiscent of the chalk drawing scenes from the original Mary Poppins. While taking Jane and Michael to the park, Mary runs into Bert and the two accompany the children straight into one of his chalk drawings. This is when the animation/live action sequence occurs, with songs like "Jolly Holiday" and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" occurring.

It should be interesting to see if Disney decides to put Mary Poppins in a similar situation in the sequel. Alternatively, the characters also appear to be jumping from a large height, so perhaps it'll be a high flying adventure instead.

EW also posted a second image from Mary Poppins Returns, and it's one that may feel similarly familiar. Check it out.

Did somebody say "Step In Time"? All jokes aside, this new still shows Lin-Manuel Miranda's Jack taking center stage alongside his lamp lighting buddies. Rather than being a chimney sweep like Dick Van Dyke's Bert, Jack is a lamp lighter by trade. And it looks like Miranda will likely get a "Step in Time"-ish song about his job, complete with a cockney ensemble to back him up.

As exciting as that image is, I have to wonder how ill advised it is for Mary Poppins to be takin the Banks children out to play with fire. Isn't that rule number 1 of babysitting? Maybe she ain't so practically perfect, after all.

Mary Poppins Returns will hit theaters on Christmas Day 2018, so we have over a year to discuss each still and trailer that Disney releases. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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