Cars 3 Has An Awesome Toy Story Easter Egg, See It

Pixar loves to fill their movies with easter eggs and looking for them can one of the most entertaining parts of the film. We've already spotted a major easter egg in Cars 3 and the movie isn't actually out yet. The Pizza Planet Truck is a pizza delivery vehicle first seen in the original Toy Story, since then it has appeared as an easter egg in nearly ever Pixar movie. It was nearly a foregone conclusion that the vehicle would show up in Cars 3 and a new clip that's been released of the film shows us exactly where. As part of a demolition derby.

If you've seen the trailers for Cars 3 you know that one of the locations that the film will go is a demolition derby, as we've seen both Cruz Ramirez and Lightning McQueen plowing through the mud. Now it turns out that there's another familiar face in the scene, as one of the other cars that we'll see there is the Pizza Planet truck. As you can see in the gif above, the truck comes flying across the screen quickly, but the recognizable Pizza Planet Rocket Ship is clearly visible on the top of the ca. rWe first saw the Pizza Planet Truck in the original Toy Story when Buzz and Woody hitched a ride in one after finding themselves on their own away from Andy's house. Since then the truck has appeared in some form in every Pixar film except The Incredibles. He's been in both Cars films previously. In the original Cars he's seen outside the Los Angeles International Speedway at the end. He's also in the finale of Cars 2 as a spectator of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. Also, his name is apparently Todd?

The Pizza Planet truck has even shown up in movies where it has no real earthly business being. In The Good Dinosaur, the truck is actually visible floating in the asteroid field at the beginning of the film. In Brave, the truck has been carved out of wood by the witch. The fact that such a character seemingly knows what the truck is, is actually one of the major factors that led to the formation of the Pixar Theory.

Pizza Planet Truck in Brave

There is at least one other easter egg that Pixar traditionally puts into their films, and that's a reference to their next movie. In this case, that would be the Day of the Dead story Coco. While I can't confirm, I would highly recommend paying attention to when Lightning McQueen first visits the Rust-eze Racing Center early in the film, as one of other racers in training is watching TV while working on a treadmill, and what he sees on the screen could very well be a Coco reference.

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