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Pixar’s Mother’s Day Tribute Is Going To Make You Cry, Just Accept It

Pixar is really good at making you cry. They have become experts at playing with our emotions and hitting us right in the feels. When Pixar salutes our moms, we just need to be ready for the tears to flow. Today is Mother's Day which means it's the day that we all stop and say thank you to the wonderful women who brought us into the world. In thank you, Pixar highlighted all the wonderful moms that they have given us over the years. Enjoy.

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While most animated Disney movies seem to like having heroes whose mothers are dead, Pixar has given a remarkable number of intact families over the years. While the recent Finding Dory did not reunite mother and daughter until the ends of the story, we got several flashback sequences showing an attentive mother was trying to help her daughter who was struggling with a disability. We also see Inside Out's Riley, being comforted by her parents, including her mother who is there when her daughter is sad as well as when she's happy. We also get an emotional moment from Brave, a film all about mothers, as the relationship between lead character Merida and her mother, is central to the entire story.

The video comes via the Facebook page of Pixar's newest feature, Coco. At the end of the video, we see lead character Miguel giving his grandmother a kiss. The clip also explains the film's title, as Coco appears to be the name, or nickname, of his grandmother. Family will be a major theme in the new film as the story will follow Miguel into the land of the dead where he will meet many of his ancestors and learn more about his family and where he comes from.

Coco isn't the only new movie coming from Pixar this year, next month will also see the release of Cars 3, though that film is obviously absent from this video. The cars in that movie don't have parents, for reasons that make a great deal of sense.

We likely won't see a lot of new material focused on Coco until after Cars 3 gets released. The fact that the story will deal with Mexican culture, and have a strong musical focus, will make it a unique film among Pixar's filmography. Although, that uniqueness is what makes the movie so interesting. We know that Pixar can make great animated films that find their way into our emotional core, but seeing the studio do that in new and different ways is always appreciated.

Cars 3 will arrive from Pixar June 16. Coco will follow on November 22. Now, go call you mother.

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