We Finally Know More About Two Of The Upcoming Transformers Movies

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It was just a couple of months ago that director Michael Bay came out and dropped a bombshell, letting fans know there will be at least 14 more stories told in the Transformers universe. That's presumably 14 more movies or projects of a sort, assumedly following Transformers: The Last Knight, which hits theaters this month. We've already learned a bit about the Bumblebee prequel that is coming, but now we finally know more about two of the other projects that should be coming in the future. One's an animated feature and another may have something to do with Rome, specifically Ancient Rome. Here's what we know about the two new projects.

When Transformers: The Last Knight was coming together, Paramount put together a giant writer's room, which is how the combination plotline for The Last Knight, which features World War II nods and King Arthur tie-ins, came about. Also in that giant writers room, Empire says that the writers came up with an animated prequel that would be an "origin myth" set on Cybertron, which just so happens to be where Transformers come from. The other project is currently still in the discussion stages, but the second project will be set in Ancient Rome.

Yes, Ancient Rome, a time when Autobots pretended to be gladiators.

If you're a fan of what Michael Bay has done with the Transformers universe, a lot of changes are afoot. Bay has already said Transformers: The Last Knight will be the last movie that he directs in the franchise, and Travis Knight, who directed Kubo and the Two Strings, is attached to the next Transformers project coming up. That project is none other than the Bumblebee spinoff that we recently learned will be set in the 1980s and will feature few other recognizable characters. The Bumblebee spinoff doesn't have an official title yet, but it is getting off of the ground at this point, and Christina Hodson has been attached to write it. Presumably the whole thing will keep moving forward at a rapid rate, as Paramount is reportedly hoping to get that flick released by the end of 2018, and we'll keep you posted if the studio manages that timeframe.

As for the other two projects, presumably those will be coming down the pipeline after the Bumblebee spinoff. We've known an animated project would be in the cards, but it's nice to know it will be an origin myth.

As soon as Paramount gets organized and starts shooting out dates for the presumed upcoming 14 projects we'll let you know. In the meantime, you can catch Transformers: The Last Knight starting on June 23 and can check out what we know about the upcoming flick prior to its release.

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