Wonder Woman Actor Confirms A Major Character Twist

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Wonder Woman is continuing to take the world by storm and breaking all kinds of records. The superhero movie truly deserves all the praise it gets, but even with half the world watching, Wonder Woman still managed to sneak in a huge twist right under everyone's noses. While the supporting cast of the film doesn't get nearly as much time to shine as the title hero (as it should be in this case), one of her Not The Howling Commandos may be a lot more important than we realized. It turns out that Chief may literally be a demigod.

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When Diana first journeys to the frontlines with Steve Trevor, she is introduced to the last of their unsanctioned battle party, Chief. Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) is a smuggler who has come to help the war effort, and though he makes a nice little profit on the side, he's portrayed as being the noblest of the bunch. When he first greets Diana, they speak in Blackfoot -- a language spoken only by a certain group of Native Americans and also Wonder Woman -- and introduces himself as Napi. It's important to note that this is the only non-English exchange that isn't subtitled, and viewers are left to figure that Napi is just his real name.

Well, Napi also happens to be the name of a creator god in Native American mythology. Maybe Chief was simply named after Napi, but a tweet from actor Eugene Brave Rock hints that Chief and Napi may be one and the same. In an exchange with io9, Brave Rock was asked if this was an improvised moment. He replied that it was always in the script and when the actor was asked if Chief was actually a demigod, Brave Rock pretty much confirmed it.

Napi is a culture hero of the Blackfoot tribe. He is frequently portrayed as being a well-meaning but foolish trickster who shaped the Earth and helps people by teaching them important knowledge. The reveal that Cheif is a demigod in the same vein as Wonder Wonder is pretty big, but it's done so sneakily that it's unclear if there is a plan to actually do something with this. Assuming that this is all intentional, this would make Chief eligible for showing up in the Wonder Woman sequel, while also hinting that the world of the gods is a lot bigger than just the Greek ones.

Could Chief actually be revealed to be a god on film? We'll all likely have to wait until Wonder Woman 2 for that one. A sequel to the film has not yet been officially announced, but with Wonder Woman still killing it in theaters, it's more a question of when, not if.

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