Warning: SPOILERS for Wonder Woman are ahead!

Many of DC Comics' superheroes have been thought of as "gods" walking among humans, and it's a fitting analogy. But there are also true gods in the DC universe, and at the beginning of this month, Wonder Woman revealed that the deities from Greek mythology once existed in the DC Extended Universe. Zeus created humanity in the image of the Olympian titans, and for millennia they lived in peace among us. Unfortunately, all of them were killed by Ares during the War of the Gods, leaving only the Themyscirans to know about the threat Zeus' treacherous son posed. Millenia later, Wonder Woman killed Ares, leaving her as the only Olympian left thanks to her demigod status.

Unless Wonder Woman 2 somehow brings the Olympian Gods back to life, it's doubtful we'll ever see them in the modern day DCEU. However, they still hold tremendous importance for the DCEU, both through a potential appearance in the new future and how they connect to other mighty beings from the DC pantheon. Let's begin by looking ahead at Justice League, which is five months away and arguably the biggest movie of this franchise yet.

They May Appear In Justice League

The majority of Justice League is set in the present day, but during the movie, there will be an important flashback scene which will show humans, Amazons and Atlanteans working together to fight Darkseid's forces, and in the aftermath, three Mother Boxes being left on Earth. This was briefly teased in the first Justice League trailer, and while the Amazons and Atlanteans are formidable warriors, it's hard to imagine that they would be victorious over an Apokoliptan army, especially since that army is packing a lot of firepower. That's where the Olympian Gods come into play. With their power, they can help turn the tide by driving Darkseid's minions off Earth and ensure that they don't come back for a long time.

Both Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright are reprising Hippolyta and Antiope, respectively, for Justice League, and since Nielsen implied that they share scenes together, that likely means they'll be seen far in the past given that Antiope was killed in Wonder Woman when the Germans attacked Themyscira. Seeing those two in battle isn't terribly surprising, but since a fair amount of time passed between when Zeus created the Amazons for humanity and when Ares killed the Greek gods, we can presume that this flashback takes place in that interim period. Throw in the fact that producer Charles Roven revealed last year that the "Old Gods" will play a role in hiding the Mother Boxes, and it's a good bet that we'll see the Olympians in Justice League, even if it's just for a few minutes.

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