Patty Jenkins Backtracks Her Wonder Woman 2 Confirmation

For a movie that has been as such an immediate success as Wonder Woman, the back and forth reports of a sequel have been surprising, to say the least. While a Wonder Woman sequel is likely a certainty, director Patty Jenkins' involvement is a bit up in the air right now. At first, it was reported that the director was not officially signed on for a sequel, and then that she was still debating whether to come back or not. Then Jenkins spoke very positively about a sequel return, which led many to report that she would direct Wonder Woman 2. However, that is evidently not the case right now as Jenkins has clarified her statement:

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There were numerous reports that Patty Jenkins, who helped lead Wonder Woman to be one of the biggest hits of the summer, was going to sign on for a sequel. This rose up from Jenkins' own words, where she spoke extremely positively about an epiphany she had over how crazy she'd have to be to not direct Wonder Woman 2. Understandably, people took this to mean that Jenkins was all in on the sequel. Those reports seemed to have jumped the gun a tad, as Jenkins points out in this Tweet.

Jenkins is not yet signed on to direct Wonder Woman 2, but the key word here is "yet." Based on Jenkins Twitter post, she definitely has some ideas and genuine enthusiasm for a sequel, but the dotted line of her contract isn't signed. She's "hopeful" that this will not be the case for long, a sentiment that is surely echoed by the many fans of Wonder Woman.

Due to the massive success of the latest DC Extended Universe film, you'd think that Warner Bros. wouldn't hesitate to lock Patty Jenkins down to get to work on a Wonder Woman 2. Her first superhero film broke a number of records at the box office - including highest grossing film ever from a female director - and it's the biggest hit of the DCEU critically (by a wide margin) thus far. However, it looks like they're taking their time with the follow-up or there are some behind-the-scenes dealings that we aren't privy to just yet (It certainly would make sense that Jenkins would be playing hardball, considering the number of cards she is holding in the negotiation process). That being said, considering Jenkins' words, it would be mighty surprising if they don't make an official announcement soon. After all, San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner...

While Wonder Woman 2 is still in the earliest stages of development, Patty Jenkins has expressed a desire to take Gal Gadot's heroine and take her toAmerica, but other than that very little is known about the project. The sequel is likely to be a big topic of conversation for some time, so keep it right here at CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as soon as it becomes available.

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