There's no getting around it: DC pretty much killed it this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. Between film and television, walked away with so much information that has us so excited about the future of DC lore adaptations. However, the one project that arguably emerged as the most exciting of the bunch is Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. Everything we've seen from The Amazon's upcoming solo adventure seems to promise action, beauty, and heart all in equal measure.

As soon as the trailer dropped for the Gal Gadot fronted female-driven superhero movie, all of our potential apprehensions about the project faded almost immediately. That being said, there still exists certain things that Wonder Woman needs to make sure it does in order to achieve the greatness we know that it's destined for. We've compiled a list of the six things Wonder Woman needs to accomplish when it hits theaters on June 2, 2017. Now let's get the ball rolling with No.1...

Firmly Establish The Mystic Side Of The DCEU

If there's one distinct way that DC has beaten Marvel Studios to the punch when it comes to silver screen adventures, it has to be in the use of magic. While Marvel has spent the better part of a decade building towards the establishment of mysticism in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC has an opportunity to get out of the gate running by hinting at magical forces in Suicide Squad, and properly exploring them in Wonder Woman. A faithful depiction of Diana Prince and her home world of Themyscira needs to fully embrace the concept of magic, and plainly let the audience know that ideas far beyond the realm of scientific understanding exist within the DCEU.

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