First Valley Of Bones Trailer Looks Bloody, Tense And Cool

If history has taught us anything (on the silver screen, at least), it's that unearthing dinosaur bones usually leads to trouble. The Jurassic Park franchise made a mint in exploiting the dangers of resurrecting ancient creatures, and now a new thriller from director Dan Glaser is milking tension out of an archeological dig turned deadly. Check out the new trailer for Valley of Bones, whose worldwide distribution rights were recently acquired by Smith Global Media:

A modern-day crime/western/thriller, Valley of Bones casts Autumn Reeser as Anna, a disgraced paleontologist working hard to rebuild her reputation and raise her young son who must team up with McCoy (Steven Molony), a meth-addicted oil worker, when they unearth dinosaur bones in the oil-rich Badlands of western North Dakota. A monumental T-Rex fossil is both exciting and dangerous, as the discovery potentially is worth millions... meaning some bad hombres will be on the lookout for it.

And when you need to hire a brilliant character actor to play one of your bad hombres -- ones who have some cartel background -- you go out and you hire Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul standout Mark Margolis, here playing the lethal El Papa!

Mark Margolis in Valley of Bones

Valley of Bones appears to take its cues from a number of exciting dramas that have played out in the Heartland of America, from Joel and Ethan Coen's riveting No Country for Old Men to the recent Best Picture nominee, Hell or High Water. In all of these films, the vast landscapes of our Midwestern terrain serve as a backdrop for a bloody conflict between greedy folks biting off more than they can chew.

A native of Fargo, North Dakota, Valley of Bones director Dan Glaser has Oxenfree and Pinching Penny on his resume before tackling this western thriller. Glaser worked on the Valley of Bones screenplay with the movie's co-star, Steven Molony, and co-writer Richard M. Lewis. On the acquisition, Smith Global Media CEO Harry Smith said:

The intensity that defines and drives every act of this film truly immerses audiences in the story, playing to audiences that can collectively experience the immersive story play out and the chilling sensation that Valley of Bones delivers.

Valley of Bones will become the second theatrical film release for Smith Global Media. The company's first film, Believe, which was named the 2016 Film of the Year by The Christian Film Review. Valley of Bones is expected to reach theaters on Friday, Sept. 1. Be sure to check out the film's official website, ValleyOfBonesTheMovie, for more information.

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