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Why Dwayne Johnson Refuses To Run Like Tom Cruise On The Set Of Rampage

The Rock Running on the set of Rampage

Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise are two of the biggest action movie stars in the history of the genre. However, it's very important to Johnson that his action running not be confused with that of Cruise. Tom Crusie runs a lot in his movies and that's probably why a day spent on the set of Rampage running from giant monsters made somebody compare The Rock to Tom Cruise. However, the two have completely different running styles and don't you forget it. According to Johnson...

While shooting this running scene all day, one of our producers said 'Rock you're running like Tom Cruise in his movies.' I said stop the music right there. Nope. Cruise runs like 6 o'clock. Straight up and down, arms tight to the body like an offensive player running for the end zone. This is the run of a defensive headhunter. Forward lean, stride long, arms open and pumping. Intense eyes fixated on the target which my warrior ancestors lovingly referred to as your head.This running form is also called, 'Get me the fuck outta here because there's a genetically modified 50 TON BEAST that's trying to eat me and all I wanted to do is just want to go home and have tequila and waffles.'

Hang on, is tequila and waffles a thing? And if it is, why am I only hearing about it now?

As a former college football player, Dwayne Johnson knows about the difference in running styles. The reason he has the run of a defensive headhunter is that he was one, playing defensive tackle on the 1991 National Championship team at the University of Miami. Even though the image above, which Johnson posted to Instagram, is still, you can absolutely see how he runs differently than Tom Cruise. The Mission: Impossible actor does run with his arms tight to the body as The Rock describes. Check out the video below for confirmation.

Of course, while we see the Rock running here, we have no idea what he's running from. All we see is a massive green screen behind him which will be replaced by a giant monster in post-production. The film adaptation of the classic arcade game Rampage will see Dwayne Johnson take on three massive Godzilla-like monsters. We assume this will result in more than one major sequence of Johnson running away. Although, under the circumstances, perhaps running like you're being chased by a defensive headhunter, rather than being one, makes more sense.

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