A lot of people say that Marvel has a villain problem, and depending on how you look at that statement, the answer is varied. What Marvel doesn't have a problem with is providing some rather memorable villains, and picking the right actors to play them. It's because of both of those factors that this list of ten stands out in the scrum of all of the villains that have inhabited the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. Prepare to get cozy with evil, as we're about to rank the best of the baddest the MCU has to offer.

10. Obadiah Stane

While it's widely known that Iron Man was filmed with a rapidly evolving script, you wouldn't be able to tell by how cool Jeff Bridges kept himself in the role of Tony Stark's mentor turned heel. In fact, for a good two thirds of the film, you wouldn't be blamed for just coasting along with the movie and believing that he's a stern, yet accepting, leadership figure. Though when he does finally reveal himself, it's some of the most chilling work we've seen Bridges do in some time.

9. Justin Hammer

What is it about Stark Industries that brings out the worst in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Besides their near stranglehold on the business world, Tony's smart-assed demeanor, and his status as a founding Avenger, what does the world really have to hold against the man and his kingdom? Ok, so that's pretty much everything, but in the case of Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer, we'd safely assume his grudge against Tony is merely for existing. If Tony wasn't around, he'd have the run of the world, and be free to do what he wants; and it's that sort of character that Rockwell excels at injecting equal levels of charm, and sleaze, into.

8. Ultron

Don't let Ultron's lackluster plan in Avengers: Age of Ultron fool you, as his introduction in the first couple acts of that summer blockbuster are still some of the most effective villain building in the MCU. James Spader's erudite, yet vicious voiceover work brought life to a sentient machine that seemed poised to conquer humanity with ruthless efficiency. Had he come up with a better plan than crashing a village into the Earth itself, he might have rose higher on this list. But the fact that he showed so much promise guaranteed him a spot on this list, nonetheless.

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