In the world of horror, there are amateurs and there are artists, but there are very few masters. However, George A. Romero always emerges as one of the few to consistently earn the title of bonafide horror legend. The king of the zombie genre consistently redefined the style (and filmmaking as a whole) throughout his long career, and the world of movies was rocked to its core yesterday when we learned that Romero passed away at the age of 77.

To properly honor the life of the master of the undead, we have put together a list of "must see" Romero movies that should be at the top of any horror fan's queue. While there are certainly other good Romero films out there that are worth your time (most of his filmography is horror gold), these are the films that will instantly tell you who he was as a filmmaker and as a human being. On that note, let's kick this off with a look at George Romero's take on the tried and true found footage formula.

Diary of the Dead

While Diary of the Dead is far from George A. Romero's best entry in his own zombie franchise (not by a long shot, in fact), it is still fascinating to look back on it and see what he did with the found footage format. Capably directed and tense to a fault, Diary of the Dead takes a far more stripped down approach to the zombie genre than other recent takes on the formula, and it is hands down one of the better American-made found footage horror films of the last few years. Above all else, Diary showed that Romero was willing to try new things, embrace modern filmmaking trends and try his own unique version of an existing formula. Without question, he succeeded in doing so.

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