The Classic Horror Movie The Walking Dead Will Reference In The Next Episode

Few shows have ever successfully made serialized horror a viable concept on the small screen, but The Walking Dead has managed to make the formula work correctly. The AMC zombie series is a major component of the modern horror landscape, and it has never shied away from honoring the scary trailblazers that came before it. That tradition of homage appears to be alive and well in Season 7, as the upcoming episode of the undead series will even include a reference to George A. Romero's 1982 classic anthology film, Creepshow. Check out the post from executive producer Greg Nictoero below to get a glimpse at the fantastic Easter egg.

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Never question Greg Nicotero's horror credentials, because he will always find new ways to honor noteworthy aspects of the genre. As you can pretty clearly see from this Instagram photo, Nicotero's upcoming directing stint on The Walking Dead (his nineteenth on the series) will feature a quick yet telling shoutout to George A. Romero's beloved horror anthology film, Creepshow. Specifically, the Easter egg is a shot of a walker inside of a box office, which perfectly mirrors the iconic Creepshow poster.

You can compare the image with the original Creepshow poster below to see the similarities for yourself.

The Walking Dead Creepshow Poster

Creepshow holds a very special place in the hearts of horror fans all around the world. A collaboration between George A. Romero and Stephen King, the film is a masterclass in balancing scares with humor, and it has become a major reference point in the history of the genre. Without Creepshow, it seems unlikely that modern anthology examples like Trick 'r' Treat or V/H/S would've ever materialized. Although George A. Romero reportedly isn't a huge fan of The Walking Dead, it's pretty clear that the folks behind the series hold him in high regard.

Of course, it's worth mentioning that this is far from the first time that The Walking Dead has referenced a classic horror film -- particularly a classic George A. Romero horror film. Throughout the run of the series, The Walking Dead has regularly inserted a large number of references to iconic Romero zombie flicks, such as Flyboy from Dawn of the Dead, as well as Bub from Day of the Dead.

Beyond that, The Walking Dead's Season 5 premiere featured a very particular reference to Creepshow by showing audiences a quick glimpse of the same Horlicks University box shown in "The Crate" sequence of the film. Check out a shot of that sequence below to see for yourself.

The Walking Dead Creepshow Easter Egg

As you probably have already guessed, this particular episode was also directed by Greg Nicotero. This guy knows Creepshow inside and out, so we cannot wait to see what other references he will include in future episodes.

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