All-Female Horror Anthology XX Drops A Chilling Trailer, Watch It Now

Anyone who knows anything about horror movies is well aware that women are a fundamental aspect of the genre. Some of the most iconic horror movie protagonists of all time are female, and the term "scream queen" has become an ultimate term of endearment among fans all over the world. With such a long legacy in an iconic genre, the upcoming film XX (as in two X chromosomes) aims to celebrate women in horror even further by finally letting them take total control to deliver the scares. Check out the first official trailer below to get a proper first-hand glimpse at the terror.

Horror anthologies are nothing new in Hollywood. Movies like Trick 'r Treat and the V/H/S franchise perfected the formula long ago. That said, XX sets itself apart because it's a horror anthology helmed entirely by female filmmakers. The collection will follow four unrelated (but equally terrifying) tales, all seemingly tied together by a few specific thematic threads, and it looks utterly fantastic.

Another enticing aspect of XX is the fact that it seems to really feature a wide variety of horror tropes within each of its respective short films. Some of them delve into more psychological horror, while others appear to utilize intense and adrenaline-fueled action sequences. There's even a terrifying little kid because of course there is. No horror movie could ever be complete without the inclusion of a creepy little youngster.

XX horror movie

This probably goes without saying, but I cannot even begin to contain my own personal excitement for XX. Aside from the fact that it already looks like a phenomenal anthology of terrifying horror shorts, the fact that it's built from the ground up by female filmmakers seemingly promises something new and exciting. Although there are certainly prominent female filmmakers out there, the fact remains that the Hollywood landscape is decidedly crowded by men behind the camera of most major motion pictures. This inevitably leads to a homogenized sensibility. By giving women unprecedented control over the development and production of XX, we will see the horror genre approached with fresh sets of eyes. For anybody who has felt somewhat underwhelmed by horror over the course of the last decade, that should serve as an enormous relief.

CinemaBlend will keep you up to date regarding any and all details related to the upcoming release of XX as more information is made available to us. The horror anthology will debut on February 17. Stay tuned for more terrifying details!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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