Oh, Hai Mark! James Franco Rips The Room In First The Disaster Artist Trailer

The Room is one of the most infamously bad movies ever made. However, the movie about the movie looks like it might be fantastic. The first trailer for The Disaster Artist is here and it's hilarious. If you've seen The Room or even just heard about it, then there's a good chance that when you think of the film you think of one line. The trailer takes aim at that scene and somehow makes it even more ridiculous. Check it out.

The trailer shows James Franco in the role of Tommy Wiseau, the amateur filmmaker who wrote, produced, directed and starred in The Room. Franco himself is actually taking on three of those roles himself to make The Disaster Artist, the movie based on the book which took a behind the scenes look at the production of one of the most famous (but not in a good way) movies of all time. We see Franco as Wiseau trying to film the great "oh, hi Mark" scene and he's unable to remember his line for so much as a few seconds, the line that he wrote, let's remember. Eventually, when he does get it, the moment is treated like a major success. We're guessing this may have happened more than once on the set.

The phrase "Oh, Hi, Mark" has become a meme in its own right over the years thanks to this scene. It's a perfect microcosm of the film's complete insanity. The movie seems to jump in tone, theme, and plot, from one moment to the next and utterly without warning. That's literally what happens here as our lead character goes from being irate at accusations of abuse to what we're pretty sure is supposed to be a friendly hello to somebody he didn't expect to see.

If by some slight chance you've never seen The Room and you don't think the trailer could possibly be portraying this properly, you're right. In actuality, the real scene is so very much worse.

It would seem that even an accomplished actor can't really portray Tommy Wiseau quite right. There's really no way to do it better than the real thing.

The Disaster Artist is set for release this December and it will likely be a must see for those that hate watch The Room on a regular basis or really anybody who seen the one of a kind movie and feels an irresistible urge to understand just how in the world something like that movie could have possibly happened.

Dirk Libbey
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