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Making big special effects heavy blockbuster movies involves a lot of complicated work to get everything right. However, sometimes it can be the simplest things that make filming a movie a total headache. Recently, James Gunn took to social media to share one of the moments that made filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 less than fun. Apparently, the car used in the opening scene of the movie kept breaking down. That was sure annoying enough, except their time to actually film the scenes with it were on a pretty tight schedule. Check it out.

The car in question, a Ford Cobra, was somehow able to break down two separate times within just a couple of hours according to James Gunn's post on Instagram. This would have been only a minor inconvenience under other circumstances. However, the crew only had one day to film the scene. The helicopter that filmed the aerial zoom shot was only theirs for the one day, one assumes renting helicopters is not cheap, I wouldn't know. They also only had the one day on the road. One assumes they made an agreement to close the road to get the shots, and whatever county or city owned the road probably wanted it to be open to regular traffic the next day. One can imagine director James Gunn watching his crew try to fix the car while also watching the sun, wondering how much of it they'll have left to get the shots they need

We can image it was likely also a difficult time for all of the actors involved, as they sit around waiting to be able to get back to work. We know that Kurt Russell's de-aging for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was primarily done through makeup, which means he had to sit around in a lot of makeup waiting to be able to film. Probably not a great deal of fun.

The image certainly does take a layer of the shine off of the idea of a big Hollywood movie production. Everybody is ready to film but they're standing around on an empty road waiting for somebody to figure out how to fix an old car. They were certainly able to get enough footage to make the scene work, even if some of what they shot ended up being unusable.

We should not ignore the final tidbit of information here, the fact that the car is painted the same color as the Milano. It's certainly an easter egg I didn't notice while watching the film. `Apparently, this is why James Gunn is able to hide references in films for years. Because he has the ability to make them really blend into the movie.

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