Ready Player One is a story with an entire plot revolving around pop culture. As such, you'd expect to see a lot of easter eggs and references in the first trailer. We've been through it and we think we've found pretty much all the pop culture references and easter egg that are discernible from the trailer released over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. If you missed it, check out the trailer here.

Some of these will surely just be passing images that will just pop up to show how a particular piece of pop culture exists within the OASIS. Other references will clearly be major plot elements. Due to rights issues, not everything from the Ready Player One novel will be able to make the jump to the big screen, but we've also got a hint at a few of the things that will be taking up those positions.

The Iron Giant

The biggest single moment in the new trailer actually belongs to an animated film from the late 1990s. The Iron Giant stands tall and proud in an alien backdrop. Giant robots, as well as kaiju monsters, play a major part in the source material, and while The Iron Giant isn't one of the key players in the book, it appears he will be taking one of those positions in the movie. This is a replacement we can approve of. Honestly, most people aren't going to have any idea what Leopardon was anyway.

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