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What Happened To Monday Trailer: Netflix's New Dystopian Film Looks Action-Packed And Intense

It's no secret that Netflix has been spending a lot of money in order to produce original content for its subscribers. That content includes TV, but the service has also more recently branched out into the realm of original movies. This week, Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming science fiction dystopian film What Happened to Monday, and the trailer couldn't be more intense. You can take a look yourself, below.

The trailer kicks off with Glenn Close's character, Nicolette Cayman, discussing how the Child Allocation Bureau has spent the past three decades combatting catastrophic overpopulation issues. This means that families with too many children have been forced to give up those children, and it is implied the forsaken kids don't receive a happy ending. Years ago, when the program was just starting, a family had septuplets, and their enterprising father kept them hidden under one identity, Karen. But the Child Allocation Bureau seems to have caught wind of the scheme.

all the girls in what happened to monday

I'm not sure exactly how the septuplets, each named after days of the week... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on and so forth, plan to take down a system that has been decades in the making and is clearly a very big and imposing organization, but that seems to be what will be going down here. Noomi Rapace, who does some heavy lifting as the seven septuplets, in a similar vein to the clones in Orphan Black, really looks as if at least one of her characters will kickass and do so over and over again. Especially after one of the siblings, Monday, goes missing.

So, if you like fight scenes or things blowing up and want to watch these things from the comfort of your own home, What Happened to Monday, may be the Netflix movie for you.

What happened to Monday stars Willem Dafoe, Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, Marwan Kenzari, Chrisitan Rubeck and more. The movie will hit Netflix on August 18, so you definitely won't have to wait too long before you'll be able to catch it yourself. While we wait for the new movie to come out, take a look at our full Netflix premiere schedule to see what other titles the subscription streaming service has coming up. And be sure to check out other recently released Netflix movies, including War Machine and Okja.

Jessica Rawden
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