Is Varsity Blues 2 Happening? Here’s What James Van Der Beek Says

Varsity Blues

Thanks to America's love of football, and a famous scene involving whip cream, Varsity Blues has remained a popular film with some serious fans. Now, it looks like those fans may have an opportunity to catch up with their favorite characters once again. James Van Der Beek, who played the role of quarterback Jonathan "Mox" Moxon in the original film says that, while nothing has been decided, there are some serious conversations happening regarding a possible sequel. According to Van Der Beek...

I'm not sure how much I can say, but there are some very serious talks about that. We are talking actively about that world and modernizing it.

While recent indications had been that we were on the verge of more Varsity Blues, the last thing we heard was that a television reboot of the property was what was being planned. The television idea was an unsurprising one considering how successful Friday Night Lights was on TV, the series was also based on a film of the same title and dealt with high school football. Now, James Van Der Beek tells Yahoo that the TV idea has been shelved, with an eye to following up on the original film and apparently seeing where all the characters have ended up following their time as high school football stars.

Depending on what sort of ideas are being tossed around, there's certainly some potential here. The original Varsity Blues came out in 1999 and a lot can happen in 18 years. Any of the players who happened to have kids shortly after high school could see those kids playing high school ball right about now, which would almost certainly have the proud father looking back on his own playing days. Alternatively, anybody who might have successfully made the transition to college and pro football could potentially already be retired from the game, and what does one do at that point?

Of course, for a sequel to work, you have to actually remember what happened in the first movie, and most of us probably don't. I remember two things from the movie, J.V. DaBeek's awkwardly given "I don't want your life." line, and Ali Larter covered in expertly applied whipped cream, which, as it turns out was actually shaving cream, which is a lot less...umm...tasty.

Unfortunately, if a sequel film does move forward, there will be a couple people who will not appear. Ron Lester, who played the role of Billy Bob in the original Varsity Blues passed away just over a year ago. The actor had been dealing with ongoing health problems for some time and finally succumb to on going liver and kidney problems in June of 2016. In addition, Paul Walker had a role in the original film. He died in a car accident in 2013.

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