Seth Rogen Shares Some Great Superbad Facts On Its 10th Anniversary

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Do you want to feel old? Superbad officially turns ten years old this month. I know, right? The classic Judd Apatow-produced teen flick continues to reign supreme as one of the more popular and frequently quoted comedies of the last decade, and it effectively served as a jumping off point for actors like Emma Stone and Christopher Mintz-Plasse to launch their careers. However, the production of Superbad is apparently just as fascinating as the movie itself, as Seth Rogen took to social media to drop some knowledge on the film's development and production, writing:

That's right, folks. As if Superbad did not already have enough comedy icons to pack its ranks; it turns out that the film also included a cameo by none other than former Eastbound and Down star (and upcoming Halloween rebooter) Danny McBride. Granted, this was still a year before the Alien: Covenant actor would eventually break out with his fan-favorite performances in films like Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express, but it's still insane to think that he has been hiding in there for the last decade and many of us never even noticed him.

Following this tweet, fans went through Superbad's party scene and found McBride taking part in the background in festivities. Take a look to see if you can pick him out of the crowd.

However, that wasn't the only Superbad secret that Seth Rogen revealed for the film's tenth anniversary. The comedian also went on to admit that Jules' house in the movie is actually incredibly close to another infamous Los Angeles home -- one with a violent history.

Luckily, unlike Danny McBride, it does not sound like O.J. Simpson had a cameo in the background of that particular scene. From there, Seth Rogen went on to admit that one of Superbad's darkest jokes (involving McLovin sleeping with Nicola at the end party) actually came from his own mother.

Last, but certainly not least, Seth Rogen's Superbad posts revealed that one of the most iconic Jersey Shore acronyms of all time actually has its roots in Superbad. Even if you didn't watch the reality TV series during its run, the chances are that you are probably familiar with it.

Looking back on all of those weird facts and pieces of trivia, it only makes our love for Superbad's legacy run that much deeper. The film may now be a full decade old, but it arguably remains required viewing for anyone with an affinity for the vulgar teen comedy genre. As for upcoming film releases, check out CinemaBlend's comprehensive movie premiere guide to keep yourself up to date on all of 2017's biggest theatrical releases!

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