Jessica Chastain as Beverly

Sophia Lillis' choice for adult Beverly in IT: Chapter 2 is a smart one -- and not only because Jessica Chastain is an amazing actor, the right age for the role, and sports the proper hair color. Back in 2013, Chastain actually worked with Andy Muschietti on his feature directorial debut, Mama, and it would make plenty of sense that the filmmaker and star would reunite for the IT sequel. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the part should be a stand-out in the blockbuster, and needs a proper talent to bring it to life.

As seen adapted in IT, Beverly has a hard life even before her first encounters with Pennywise -- largely due to her family's poverty and her abusive father. It's a childhood she has a hard time fully escaping as an adult, as while she becomes a successful fashion designer, she is also trapped in a marriage to an cruel and violent husband. Getting Mike's invite back to Derry winds up giving her the strength to start fighting back again and change her life.

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