IT 2 Is Happening And Probably Sooner Than We Thought

There has been a lot of nervous energy surrounding the upcoming adaptation of IT. Will it live up to the book? Will it even live up to the miniseries? Well, fans won't know for sure until the flick is officially released on September 8, but there does seem to be some reason for optimism, beyond just the creepy trailer. The studio has already commissioned a screenplay for a follow-up, and now, we've just learned round one director Andres Muschietti will definitely be back for IT 2, which is apparently happening sooner than anyone thought.

Here's what he told CinemaBlend during an interview earlier today at Comic-Con...

Andres: I'm going to do part two before any other thing.CinemaBlend: Oh before any other thing, before Robotech?Andres: Yea, Robotech is a longer shot. We don't have a script yet.

Beyond the basic question of whether the movie would happen, there were a lot of rumors circulating that the film would need to be pushed back to accommodate Muschietti's schedule, specifically RoboTech. Thankfully, that's not going to be the case. So, if IT plays like many fans think it will, the key players will be able to quickly jump back into the source material and just keep rolling, which, in theory, should create a better, more cohesive experience.

But like everything involving Stephen King, no one has any idea what we'll actually get until we see it. Perhaps no author outside of Shakespeare has ever produced such a mixed catalog of brilliant adaptations, mediocre adaptations and straight up terrible adaptations. You could make a strong case that a couple movies are better than their source material, and you could make a strong case that a couple of the movies never, ever should have been made--- like every physical copy should be found and buried together in a mass grave. I guess that should be expected though from an author both as popular and as prolific as King.

If you're interested in hearing more from Muschietti or just to watch him speak the exciting quote we dropped above, we have more good news for you. There is video from our interview, and we highly recommend you consume the part of the interview in question below...

Right now, there's no timetable for when IT 2 could come out. There are just too many variables involved; however, there's a very real chance we could be talking late 2018 or early 2019, if the first one performs at the box office, which is way way way easier to swallow than a timetable that would have included RoboTech and been looking at 2020 or later. Our hopes and dreams can only excitedly float for so long, even down there.

We'll keep you updated as we get more information. Until then, stay away from creepy clowns and bad Stephen King adaptations.

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