Jake Gyllenhaal as Eddie

At 36, Jake Gyllenhaal joins Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the younger end of the spectrum of this suggested cast, but the fact that the movie is probably still a few years away and that Gyllenhaal is a genius chameleon performer make Jack Dylan Grazer's idea of him playing Eddie a fantastic idea. He is arguably a bit to handsome for the part, but we have zero doubts that he could sell key emotional journey the character undergoes as an adult.

Obsessed with disease and germs courtesy of his hypochondriac mother, Eddie doesn't grow up entirely normal, and while he does manage to start a successful limousine company living in Chicago, he also marries a woman who is exactly like his overbearing mom. Even after maturing greatly as a kid during his adventures with The Losers Club, he will still have a long way to go when he returns to Derry in IT: Chapter 2, and it would be amazing to see an actor of Jake Gyllenhaal's caliber take on the challenge.

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