Watch Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Recreate A Famous Scene From Ghost

Science, religion, and medical knowledge cannot explain one of the biggest mysteries in the world: just how Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart not only became friends, but got to host a cooking show together. We may be closer to decoding that mystery, as the two have crafted a promo for Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner that invokes the spirit of the classic pottery scene from Ghost. And you can see it all for yourself below:

While the original scene from Ghost made audiences feel all warm inside, this promo for the VH1 cooking program makes us laugh heartily. That's definitely the point, as we see Martha Stewart seductively spin a chocolate cake, with Snoop filling in as the Patrick Swayze to her Demi Moore, joining hands and getting messy. Frankly, if these two can be friends and stay in character long enough to make this spot work, it's not as much of a surprise that the two are good friends.

Still, the pottery scene is pretty hard to shake from your mind once you've seen it. In fact, it's one of those moments that's parodied so often that its fame overshadows the rest of the film that it came from - which obviously suits it for a great ad to usher in the second season of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner. If only they could do a full episode, if not a season, of film related gags that lead into a several course meal of movie based recipes. Certainly the Ghost-fully Delicious Chocolate Cake would make for a great dessert after some Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Bat Country Wings for an appetizer, and a Silence of the Lambs inspired course of liver, with fava beans.

Ghost is one of those movies that's famous enough that people would know it, but if you and a friend happen to both like it, it strengthens the bond. A rare dramatic thriller crossbred with a romantic drama, you probably wouldn't believe that anyone involved with Airplane! would be involved with the making of such a film, and yet director and co-writer David Zucker was the genius behind the camera for Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore's supernatural love. So obviously, if Zucker catches sight of this ad, he should be proud that someone's not only paying tribute to a more low-key entry in his filmography, but also that the art of the loving parody is still alive and well.

All of this talk has us hungry, as well as thinking about that original Ghost scene. So if you've been humming "Unchained Melody" to yourselves this whole time, your patience has been rewarded. Relive those beautiful memories below.

Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner comes back on Monday, October 16th, at 10 PM EST on VH1. Ghost is currently on Amazon Prime's streaming library, in case you can't find your physical copy.

Mike Reyes
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