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Take A Much Closer Look At Zack Snyder's Wonder Woman Cameo

The entire cast and crew of Wonder Woman brought their A-games to make the film's success possible, but one particular person who had a notable impact on one major Wonder Woman detail was Justice League director Zack Snyder. The filmmaker has a notoriously hard-to-find cameo in Wonder Woman's black and white photo scene, but a new behind-the-scenes featurette on the film's Digital release offers a much closer look at his role. Check out a shot of Snyder working with Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot in his WWI uniform, below.

Zack Snyder wonder Woman cameo patty jenkins gal gadot

This is the sort of thing that we have come to expect from a guy like Zack Snyder over the years. He has regularly inserted himself into movies that he has a hand in making -- such as Dawn of the Dead and Watchmen -- and the sheer amount of detail that he puts into films that he directs or produces is well-documented. The guy just knows how to insert Easter eggs into movies seamlessly.

While Zack Snyder certainly looks badass in that image, his actual inclusion in Wonder Woman was ultimately far blurrier and out of focus. Check out the finalized version of the black and white photo below.

Zack Snyder cameo

Zack Snyder's job on the Wonder Woman Veld set wasn't to just stand there and look pretty. In between shots, he would regularly confer with Patty Jenkins about the finer details in the photo, as it would go on to factor heavily into both of their films. These details included the level of clarity and focus on Diana, as well as the amount of blur present on Steve Trevor to give him a ghostlier presence in the picture.

There's a clear attention to detail in every inch of the picture, but that apparently also caused a major headache for the production of Wonder Woman when they returned to film the actual Veld battle. The photo was not taken when Patty Jenkins shot the No Man's Land sequence (because Snyder needed the picture much sooner for his work on Batman V Superman), which meant they had to go back to recapture every minor nuance of the photo to create a sense of continuity.

In the end, everything seems to have paid off. The black and white photo is one of the best connective tissues that ties the DCEU together, and Zack Snyder's cameo (as minor as it may be) pretty much completely embodies his meticulous nature when it comes to Easter eggs.

Wonder Woman is now available on Digital, and the Blu-ray edition of the film will hit shelves on September 19. Looking ahead, Diana Prince will make her next appearance the DCEU when Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

Screenshot courtesy of Wonder Woman Digital release.

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