What The 90's TV Flash Thinks Of Ezra Miller In The DCEU

Jay Garrick the Flash

We certainly aren't going to be lacking in Flash's in our entertainment anytime soon. In addition to Grant Gustin and his fellow speedsters on the CW's The Flash, Ezra Miller's version of the character will soon be making his big debut in Justice League. That's a lot of speedsters running around, but John Wesley Shipp has been running the longest. He originated the live-action Flash in the 90's TV show, so it's interesting to hear his opinion about how the role has exploded since then. Here's what Shipp thinks about Ezra Miller bringing Barry Allen to the movies.

The Speed Force is big enough for all of us.

John Wesely Shipp was present at Dragon Con 2017, where he was asked what he felt about Ezra Miller taking over the role in the DCEU. Shipp answered perfectly that the Speed Force (the extradimensional source of all speedster's powers) was big enough for everyone, indicating that he's perfectly fine sharing the character with a new actor. Shipp played the Flash on the original 90s live-action and he was cast to play Barry Allen's father in the more recent CW version. Shipp now gets to play his own version of the Flash on the show as Jay Garrick, who in the comics is the very first person to carry the mantle. It's very fitting.

John Wesely Shipp gave a great answer, but it's hard to judge someone's performance when we haven't even seen it yet. Ezra Miller appeared for two seconds in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and he'll make his true debut in this November's Justice League. Based on what we've seen of Miller thus far in trailers, he seems to be a lighter and more comedic portrayal of the classic superhero, but we'll have to wait until the film comes out before we can fully judge him. Let's hope that we like him because we still have that Flashpoint movie coming up.

We don't know a ton about the specifics of the Flash's role in Justice League, but he'll be one of the youngest and most inexperienced members of the teams. He's recruited by Batman early on in the film to help them battle an invasion from another planet and to protect three Mother Boxes. After that, the Flash will be starring in Flashpoint, which is presumably based on the DC comic of the same name which saw the Flash inadvertently alter the timeline.

You can likely see John Wesely Shipp on the latest season of The Flash, which premieres on Tuesday, October 10 on the CW. Before that, you can see Ezra Miller as the speedster in Justice League on November 17, 2017. Keep it right here at CinemaBlend for all your movie news.

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