The Funny Way Ezra Miller Dealt With The Flash's Annoying Costume

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Being a superhero would rock, but wearing a superhero costume sometimes seriously sucks. Many actors who portray comic book characters have long lamented the process of wearing the required outfits, whether it's because of the claustrophobia that they induce, or the fact that they just cannot go to the bathroom while wearing them. In that regard, Ezra Miller's Flash outfit is no different, and the Justice League actor recently opened up and explained how the lengthy process of assembling his suit often made him feel like a prim and proper Victorian-era woman. Miller said he had fun with the experience, noting,

There was a time towards the beginning where it was a very long, delicate process, where everyone was afraid of everything breaking. I would feel like a Victorian lady with my chambermaids. Sometimes I would ask them if they could brush my hair and ask me about the boys whom I fancied.

Ezra Miller eventually made a point to note that the assembly of his Justice League Flash suit became easier as production on the film progressed, but those first few fittings were some of the most challenging. We all need to find ways to keep ourselves occupied during boring and tedious periods of work, so I guess pretending to be a woman from the Victorian-era waiting for suitors is one way to pull that off. Besides, a good Barry Allen needs a sense of humor to counterbalance some of the darker DC characters like Ben Affleck's Batman or (in this universe) Henry Cavill's Superman, and it looks like Miller is bringing that to the equation.

Ezra Miller's remarks to EW about the hassles and inconveniences of his Flash suit seem even more notable when we juxtapose it with other live-action incarnations of the outfit. Even side-by-side, it's pretty clear that the Justice League suit is far more technical and complicated than Grant Gustin's comparatively simpler leather and cloth outfit from The Flash TV series. It makes sense that Miller can't just zip up his suit and run.

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With all of that said, Ezra Miller also made a point to note that the current version of Barry Allen's suit is a work in progress. He doesn't even have the iconic ring to store his outfit yet, which means there is still room for the costume to develop and evolve in a way that might become a bit less complicated over time. Who knows? By the time The Flash: Flashpoint hits theaters, maybe he will even be able to put the outfit on without the assistance of an entire crew.

Ezra Miller will make his next appearance as Barry Allen in the DCEU when Justice League debuts in theaters later this year on November 17. Here's everything that we currently know about the highly anticipated DC team-up.

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