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The Hardest Part Of Filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, According To Tom Holland

Spider-Man Homecoming Tom Holland

As a young, up-and-coming actor, there are few honors more legitimately exciting than taking on the role of Spider-Man. The character is an icon, and a role model for all of us nerds who had to cope with adolescence. But that doesn't mean the part doesn't come without its own share of problems for newcomer Tom Holland. The young actor explained:

I can tell you the worst! The worst day was... I was doing a scene with an actor --- who I won't tell you who he is --- and I was in the Spider-Man suit and it was in the very beginning of shooting, and I was in a harness and I had to stick to the ceiling. And I didn't go to the bathroom for like eleven hours or something. Because, we didn't really figure out how to take the suit off quickly at that point. We didn't understand how it worked. And I was in a harness. And obviously it's hot, so I'm drinking water all the time because I'm doing exercises and running around. But, I need to go to the toilet. Yeah, I didn't go to the bathroom for like eleven hours. And that's an expensive suit. You do not want to wet yourself in that suit. Marvel and Sony would not be happy. So, that was the worst part of filming.

Tom Holland recently took part in a Facebook Q&A session, and opened up regarding the difficulties of shooting Spider-Man: Homecoming. Due to the fact that Spider-Man is an incredibly physical role, Holland drank plenty of water while shooting his intense scenes. But that would lead to him needing the bathroom for hours while strapped to a ceiling. In the early days of shooting he didn't really know how to properly remove the suit, which meant he was stuck in a hot outfit with a full bladder.

Apparently Marvel and Sony didn't want their Spider-Man actor to pee in the costume, and we can't say that we necessarily blame them. That isn't a good look for a superhero.

This isn't the first time that a superhero actor has complained about bathroom problems associated with their role. Christian Bale aired similar grievances about his Batman suit while filming The Dark Knight trilogy. The Nolan Era Bat-suit became so problematic that Bale even spoke to Ben Affleck before the shooting of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and warned his successor to have a fly installed on the new iteration of the costume.

It really puts your favorite superhero movies into perspective when you realize that most of these actors probably had to pee every time they appeared on screen, doesn't it? Tom Holland's Spider-Man will swing his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe on July 7, 2017.

Check out the first official trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming on the next page for an even better look at the Web Head's upcoming MCU solo adventure!

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