What Grant Gustin Thinks Of Ezra Miller's Flash Costume

The Flash

Some may have questioned why there needed to be two different versions of the Flash at the same time, but those are just the breaks in this wild and crazy superhero world. Grant Gustin might have been the first Flash on the scene, but Ezra Miller will be playing the iconic speedster on the big screen in the DCEU. Fans got their first look at Miller's Flash in action with the reveal of both a new trailer and a new group shot of Justice League this weekend at Comic-Con. It was the first time everyone got to see the new costume, including Grant Gustin.

While at San Diego Comic-Con, Screenrant was able to catch up with Grant Gustin shortly after the new Justice League footage was shown. As it turned out, Gustin hadn't even seen the costume yet, and after a quick glance at a phone, he had nothing but optimistic things to say about it. Above all else, he cited the differences in the two costumes.

They're completely different. Yeah, I mean I was kind of expecting this, I heard it was going to be kind of like Injustice. I hadn't seen this yet, what else is out? Sorry I'm scrolling through the whole thing, I haven't seen this picture. Yeah, that's sick. Um... yeah, it's sick. I'm glad it's really different though. Because ours is like a street, vintage feel that I don't think has been done in any other version of the character.

I would say we should all be thankful that the suits look so different from each other. You can definitely see some inspiration from the Injustice video game in Ezra Miller's costume. I'm not sure I like the black in Miller's costume, but it has a real scraped together look that appeals to me. According to reports from the Justice League set visit, this seems to be the prototype suit that Barry puts together from parts he stole from NASA. Supposedly he has one more costume change in the film, so anyone not immediately attached to this suit can feel comforted knowing there's one more waiting in the wings. Keep in mind there was some fair criticism for Grant Gustin's first costume, but people got over that eventually.

Flash v Flash

It's pretty nice to know that Grant Gustin is positive about another actor playing Barry Allen. A few CW actors have been pretty vocal about how Warner Bros. should have cast Gustin in the movie, but he's been pretty upbeat about the whole thing. He seems to be content with just being the star of a good TV show. Hopefully, any fans who are still mad the movies won't connect with the TV series will follow in Gustin's example and just embrace the differences.

You can see Ezra Miller's Flash in action when Justice League premieres on November 17, 2017 and you can check out Grant Gustin in The Flash which returns this fall on Tuesday, October 4 on the CW.

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